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On the advice of my faithful translator, I've moved over from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. You may friend me there.

May the winds guide you safely.
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[translated from taurahe]

Dear Journal:

I admit I've not written in a very long time. I have been... busy.

Unfortunately, I was also looking for love in a wrong place. Apparently, the only creature that wanted to share in my romantic picnic was a small beetle native to the island I was on.

I will admit that it could have been the fact that I was in bear form, which is best described as 'a furry wrecking ball' according to my translator. He had a harder time describing what a wrecking ball was, I will amusingly admit.

[translator's comment: I call shenanegans. He damn well knew what one was!]

In any case, dear journal, I must make this brief. Them scourge won't kill themselves...
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[translated from orcish]

... and it has been a long, strange journey. Watching friends advance, while watching others go through.... well, I cannot be certain if it is madness, or if was a breaking point that was finally reached. I wanted to help him, but the knights of the ebon blade sent me a message warning me against it, stating that they had things under control. I do hope he recovers.
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Allegedly I'm getting a pet from this.

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Another day, another set of daily quests. Can't complain, it's a great money spinner (9 quests at about 13 gold on average each = just over 100 gold!), I'm building reputation with no less then three factions (The Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Oracles in Sholozar, and the Sons of Hodir out in storm peaks) in a reasonable manner, and it keeps me somewhat busy.

Although what I really need to be doing is working on increasing my skills as a leatherworker.

And speaking of a money spinner, I earned enough to get a 'vanity' mount- my own armored wind rider. Slightly useless as I can just shift into bird form, but still kinda nice to be able to use.
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[translated from taurahe]

Today marks a very expensive day in my travels. I've acquired, at considerable expense, artisan flight training. This allows me to ride the faster flying mounts, once I acquire them, or shift into a faster flight form.

I also acquired the title "explorer".

Now, to save up another thousand gold or so and buy what most call 'vanity mounts'- Such as a bear, or for the really big spenders, a traveler's mammoth, which can carry passengers and has vendors. :)

I also made one other change- I'm no longer in the guild Pieces of Eight. (Through no fault of their own- I had a long chat with the guild master.) I'm hanging out in Higher breath with a fair number of other friends and Ex- Frost Wolf refugees. I might even start running dungeons again.
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[translated from orcish]

I have people asking my if I am a healer. A *lot*.

(While druids are reasonably competant at everything, we are 'jack of all trades'- Master of None, competant in all. A properly geared and talented holy priest's healing abilities make me look like a candle next to a star.)

I'm tempted to start replying 'Yep, I'm full feral and stam-geared to be the healer that cannot die.'

Here's your sign.
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... And that's done. I hope Kes understands.
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[translated from tauhe]

So. I turned 80 about a week ago, and all I can say is.. What a strange ride it's been.

I think a few changes are in order, however. While I do not have any major problem with my current guild, Pieces of Eight, There is no real love there either. I need to have a quick discussion with the guild leader and explain why I'm leaving for a different guild. I just hope they understand that there's no hard feelings, but that it's not where I need to be anymore.

And secondly, I'm slowly working my way to getting my Artisan flight training. I've managed to amass over half the gold needed for it, but it's still a long way off to get there.

Not much else has changed.
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Dear 80 Night elf,

Yes, I was flagged for PvP when I flew in to Shadow Vault. I had been doing some mercy killings on the Broken Front, got stuck in the barrel of Orgimm's Hammer, and hearthed back, and was on my way to Dalaran to go and do something else. Thanks for ganking me and siccing the guards on me.

Hopefully, the karma of the multiple 80 elite guards turning on you after they killed me will sink in, and you won't make such a rash mistake in the future. But then again, you *are* alliance, and somewhat prone to rash acts. (at least according to the propagana)

No Love,

A level 79 feral Druid who normally wants *nothing* to do with PvP.
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Silliness: helping [ profile] wowgrilledcheez out with enough quests and stuff to get her up to level 42. She's experienced enough now to brave Uldaman, and possibly the Sunken Temple. And she got her felpony, although it'll be a long, hard grind to get a kodo- apparently, she has to be revered with my people in order for her to get one. And I can't vouch for her, either. *is sad*

Not much going on, though, at least in this place. I hear that my transcriber is having some difficulties with his family. I'll do what I can to help on that, but there's precious little that I can do.
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Great. Now I'm likely to be accused of being a 'ninja looter'.

If he had *said* that the idol was the only reason for running SL, I would have passed on it entirely.

*sigh* I need a vacation.
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[note: the transcriber *finally* arranged access to a machine that lets me put these messages here, and also arranged for a special device to enter the letters with. He calls it a 'komphewtor' and a 'kayboard', whatever those are. So he's watching me put this in. he's also helping with some of the speling and names of some things. I'm still learning 'english', you see...]
I'm still here, oddly enough. It's funny- It was this big huge push to reach this new level of greatness, but it's all the same old grind.

Seeing as I'm fairly bored, I've been helping my friends out with some of their quests, and running the occasional raid with other friends.

At least, when I'm not hanging out in this alternate place doing goofy things like meddling around in one of the communities... *snicker*
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*glares at [ profile] jecook*

You wanna clean up that little mess? I've got little bits of warlock, rogue, and this blue stuff all over the place. *sigh*

Two words.

Dec. 30th, 2007 08:37 pm
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[transcribed from orcish]

Ding. 70.
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[transcribed from Tauahe. LJ handles substituted where appropriate.]
I have been hanging out at Thunderlord Stronghold. I've been dealing with goofy ogres, cranky blood elves, and those ever present and greedy goblins. And Do not get me started on the ahkora, however it's spelled. Bloody birds. Speaking of birds, I can now transform into one. The strange thing is, I learned this skill from my trainers at Tunder Bluff, but yet I can only use it while I'm in the outlands. Very strange.

I am pleased to learn that [ profile] wowgrilledcheez finally got back into a guild.

Not much else going on at the moment, except that Raxxar himself has entrusted me with a device that will call forth Misha, his prized bear, to assist the ogres in removing one of their gronn leaders. This has been an interesting series of events so far, and I look forward to it's conclusion.
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[transcribed from orcish]

I have been in contact with your world for two whole years. At least two of your years, anyhow.

I've gone from being a naive calf who barely stepped foot from his home lands, to being a jaded druid sitting out in Shattrath City wondering just how he is going to balance favor with the Scryers and Aldor factions, and wishing I could stay neutral with both of them.

*sigh* Well, back to the grind out in Nagrand.
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transcriber's comments: Bon hit level 64 today. Yay.

[transcribed from orcish]

Went exploring a bit, which was really fun when I found Shadowmoon Valley. Scary stuff.

I hear that my esteemed colleague, Mr. Knobbins, needed a hand in dealing with some pesky humans in Strahmbad, so I did. And when Madam Cheez is ready, I'll give her and her void walker (or whatever she's using) a hand as well.

My transcriber explained the concept of creating music by taking parts of other songs and mish-mashing them up. Initally, I thought it was dreadful, but once he explained it to me in more detail and showed me some examples, I thought it was interesting. Although I do like my instrumentals, thanks.
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[transcribed from orcish]

Greetings from Zangermarsh!

There's a wide assortment of creatures roaming around this place. And the mushrooms are just... strange. But after a while, you get used to it. I have been quite busy, hence the long time between updates.

I thought for a while that I had enough money to train up with my riding skill, but the cost is still quite high. ::sigh:: I have a long way to go anyhow, so I just need to save my money. And bouncing between Zangermarsh to Thunder bluff is not helping much either.

My transcriber informs me that he added a small picture that he reffered to as an 'icon' to this journal. I found it mildly amusing, and requested that he use it one this entry.

It's back to hunting naga and ogres. Until next time, may the earth mother make your path an easy one to walk.
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Editor's note: The big bull hit level 62 tonight. Although he does not write about it, he is, in fact, happy about it.
[transcribed from Tauahe]

I've been hanging out in Outland, flying back and forth, and doing various things.

I suppose if I were more assertive and adventurous, I could actually be doing some things, but that just does not fit me. Oh well. At least I am enjoying myself, which is actually possible in this desolate wasteland. Maybe I should be hanging out in Zangermarsh or something. The climate's better in any case.
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