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[translated from Tauahe]

It's been a while. Not much has been going on, frankly. I think the guild is waiting for something, I'm not sure what, but we are not going anywhere lately. Unless you want to go and play in the battlegrounds, which frankly I'm not fond of doing.

Two more have joined us to take Dowsong's place: Bullshavik, and Moola. I managed to get Bullshavik into the guild, at least.

tom informed me that you humans have this celebration called "New years eve".

So, happy new year, from the whole gang in Azeroth.

[transcriber's note: The reason the guild has been pvping is because they are waiting for the Burning Crusade expansion to arrive, which said transcriber is planning on getting.]
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[translated from orcish]

So I've been bored. *Rally* bored. I decided to take up cooking and fishing, amongst my other activities.

Fishing is nice and relaxing, at least until some Alliance idiot tries to taunt me into trying to take them out one on one. I did wait until the guards had dog-piled them before giving them an assist via the good old MoonFire attack. I think they got lost on the way to Crossroads myself, but there you go. :)
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[translated from tauhe]
So me and 9 of my guild mates went through Blackrock Spire. We did both sides of it, lower and upper, in one go. Now, I've done the lower portion of it several times (along with everyone else), so we were all used to it, but I've never done the upper half of it.

Fortunately, we had a priest and another druid along, because it hurt. Excellent definition of a guild run. Thokk got a shiny new sword, and I ended up with this messy head in my backpack. Thrall will be happy with that, I think.

Dowsong decided to move on to greener pastures. I wish him the best of luck in his endevours. He will be missed.


Sep. 16th, 2006 09:50 pm
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[Transcribed from orcish]

My transcriber informs me that you humans celebrate the day of one's birth.

I suppose in that case, My "birthday", as it were, happened a month ago.

In that year, I've gone from a total rank beginner to an experienced, and somewhat jaded healer. I might even be classified as cranky, even. My undead friend Tom, however, informs me that he's the reigning king of crankiness, and intended to hold onto his throne for a long time.

I did ask him why he left the guild, though. He still has not come up with a good reason for that.

I must run, I have many more Winterfall furblogs to slay before I get in good with the Timbermaw.
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[transcribed from Orcish]
Not much going on. My "mutual friend" has asked that I help a human! ::shakes head sadly:: And a paladin, no less. I'm not sure what strange games he's up to, but He convinced me to part with a decent amount of money and send it to him via a roundabout method. ::shrug::

I think that [ profile] tigra_goyan was going to loan me that camera thing again. I don't know why though. Maybe it's to update the picture that I sent him a while ago...

I'm discovering the entertainment that is the PVP battlegrounds. Warsong Gulch was fun. Lesser so is Alterac Vallery. I've been warned about Arathi basin, though. I made Scout from the kills that one weekend, mostly through Warsong Gulch. I could get used to this...
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[transcribed from taurahe}
So I was hanging out in Undercity. Now, I know what I've said before about the unusual odor of the undead. But Undercity does not stink quite like, say, stratholme, or some of the other plaguelands.

and then it turned strange... )


Jul. 3rd, 2006 02:43 am
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::translated from excited looking taurahe::

So I ran "loobers", as it's known. Or for the non-inclined, Lower Blackrock Spire. (which is abbreviated LBRS)

I got this really really cool ring out of it, and got over 59, and halfway to 60. ::beam:: AND a piece of dungeon armor. (the wildheart boots, if memory servees me right.) I'm told the ring is an extremely rare item to get.

And all it cost me was a buttload of gold to repair my armor.

We then went and ran through a smallish section of Stratholme. Not the dead side, but the live side.

Not Good, but it was amusing at least.

I'm looking forward to getting my training done, and finishing the Blackrock Depths tomorrow. So I must get some sleep now.
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::transcribed from taurahe::

Too much going on. Can't write in this journal, and I keep getting interrupted by people wanting this or that. We did have some fun at least poking fun at a guildmate, though. I think he was done in by one of those pesky devilsaurs. Nasty critters, those.

Anyway, I'm up in winterspring. It's a bit chilly up here, but I'm having a good time beating up on furblogs. Well, winterspring furblogs, that is. the Timbermaw I's trying to get friendly with. I also have a bunch of stuff to do on the other continent in this nasty place called Black Rock Depths, along with Black Rock Spire.

I'm not sure lately if I should continue this journal. I know I've poked around in your world here and there, mostly to be amusing or silly, via my mutual friend, who pops in every now and again to chat. And I know that I've been taking up a lot of time which could be used for some one else (notably my rouge-ish penpal [ profile] tom_knobbins), but unfortuntely, it's not my call to say.

In any case, I probably should get going again. I've got a lot of things to be doing.
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My guild mates went into the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows. Much fun was had, although my repair bill was quite steep.

I think I'll sleep now.
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[Although the letters are strange looking, they resolve into English as you continue to look at them. Behold, magic at work. You realize that the letters are actually Taurahe, but that you can read them...]

I think my last entry confused the friend doing the transcription, hence this rather unusual entry. He's been a bit overworked lately, so I though I'd give him something to de-stress about. But I fear that I've given him more stress. Part of the joke involves something you humans in this place call "rock music", whatever that is. The humans in my world are quite different, and have no tolerance for my kind, sadly. The night elves at least have forged a friendship with us and will teach us their druidic heritage.

In any case, once he gets it transcribed and the pictures sorted out, he'll post it.

May the eternal Sun shine upon Thee.
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[Editor's note: I found this transcribed in tauahe amonsts many scribblings and notations. There was also what looked like a memory card from a digital camera. when inserted into a reader, the pictures that are attached showed up. Interesting. I'm not sure what to make of this, so I present you with a translated version of the words, with the pictures put back in their appropriate place. click on the images for the full size/alternate, if availible]

So, I hear that these humans on the other side of the universe are into this stuff they call "rock music". Some of the lyrics are pretty nice, though. It also explains why the undead tend to dance like they do... ::snicker:: My mutal friend gave me some lyrics, and this odd device called a dehgeal kamura. Not quite quite how it works, but he showed me how to use it, and set me loose taking pictures for him. After reading the lyrics, I found the following to be pretty interesting.

cut for graphics )
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LFG Scarlet Monastory, Uldaman, Badlands. PST.
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[translated from tauren, edited to add LJ links were appropriate]

I thought it was strange having my Friend ask me for pictures. I'm not quite sure _why_ he wants them, though. As I was in Stranglethorn taking a break from hunting the wildlife (or being hunted by the wildlife, take your pic) I made some pictures for him and send them on their way. I must admit that I do look pretty decent with this blue talbard that my guild has.

As I've looked back in this journal, I have not been updating it very often. So, to catch whoever is reading this up:

My little band has gained a new friend ( Dowsong, a troll hunter. He has a scorpid for a pet, and a wicked sense of humor.)

I gave some help out in a strange manner to my good friend [ profile] tom_knobbins in disposing of a rather pesky archmage.

And I _really_ need to work on my leatherworking skills.

In any case, I think my break is almost over. Time to get back to the grind.
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Hey Tom. I passed your message on to Mu. He started laughing.


Nov. 24th, 2005 08:48 pm
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[translated from tauren]

So I am wandering around Silverpine, minding my own business and picking up some scales to make a Murloc belt. ( I am ignoring my quests for the moment to focus on improving my own skills, sadly lacking at the moment.)

I get whispered multiple times my this other person who is asking for help. So I help her out, give her the mark of the wild, and beat off a Ravenclaw beastie.

Apparently, I get no respect from this. She's on my ignore list now. ::sigh::

[editor's note: Apparently this person was picking random people and abusing the via vwhisper, and not giving any gratitude to someone who was over 20 leveles higher they they were. Go figure.]
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[transcribed from orcish]

Yes, I'm still here. I'm working my way through a few quests in the Shimmering Flats, southeast of Thousand needles and north of Gadgetzan. Those gnomes and goblins are silly in their racing machines, but as long as they seem to be having a good time, I suppose that's allowable. Although I would think that they would clean up their messes from time to time.

Not much else to go one at this point.
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[translated from orcish]

I have been staying in Ashenvale and the Crossroads for a while now trying to get this particular quest finished up. However, it has not been easy. I did make a side trip to Orgrimmar, and managed to find the last page I have been looking for at the auction house, but the bidding on it went up far too quickly for my taste. So I am back in Ashenvale, slowly wiping out the satyrs and other creatures, in search for that elusive page. In the meantime, I have been enjoying the Hallow's End festivals.

I have noticed that the Alliance has been hanging around the Splintertree post. Fortunately, they cannot attack me unless I attack them first, which allows me to watch if I so desire, in order to determine if it's safe for me to attack them. The past few times it was not, and he became bored with killing the guards and left.

I did find that attacking cilivians is unwise. I will not do that again.
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[transcribed from Orcish]

I have been traveling around a bit, seeing the world. I have not seen what lies north of Orgimmar yet, but I have seen the lower half of Duotar. My undead friend would porbably not like it here, as it is rather hot. There are a lot of herbs to gather, however, though I do not know how. In hind sight, I partially wish I had taken that as a skill. But again, that's life.

I learned by travel form yesterday, along with a few other tidbits. I am wondering if I will bring trouble upon myself if I were to bump off the gnome and the night elf sitting next to the entrance, though. This will require some thought. In any case, I have a few things left to do up here, then I will head back down to Thousand needles and continue my quests there.

Until then, may the eternal sun shine upon you.
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[transcribed from Orcish]

Today was a busy day. I got almost all my quests done, except for that pesky airkara one. the Grimtotems kept taking me out on that one. But I managd to find Gadgetzan, and also participated in defending Crossroads from some alliance that just would not give up! Eventually, I left to get some rest. I have unfinished business in Ashenvale, so I'm writing this while I rest there. I wonder how my pen pal is doing. I've not heard from him in a few days...
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At the top of each post it is noted in what language each entry was originally written in. Tauahe is a flowing elegant language, and is the mother tongue of the Tauren. Although Bonivus is fluent with both Tauahe and Orcish, he finds it easier to place his personal thoughts in his mother language. Apparently, the thought process to writ in orcish (which is a somewhat brutal looking language, but it has an artistry all it's own) is more formal then Tauahe.

Thought I'd mention it.
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