Mar. 8th, 2009

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[translated from orcish]

I have people asking my if I am a healer. A *lot*.

(While druids are reasonably competant at everything, we are 'jack of all trades'- Master of None, competant in all. A properly geared and talented holy priest's healing abilities make me look like a candle next to a star.)

I'm tempted to start replying 'Yep, I'm full feral and stam-geared to be the healer that cannot die.'

Here's your sign.
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[translated from taurahe]

Today marks a very expensive day in my travels. I've acquired, at considerable expense, artisan flight training. This allows me to ride the faster flying mounts, once I acquire them, or shift into a faster flight form.

I also acquired the title "explorer".

Now, to save up another thousand gold or so and buy what most call 'vanity mounts'- Such as a bear, or for the really big spenders, a traveler's mammoth, which can carry passengers and has vendors. :)

I also made one other change- I'm no longer in the guild Pieces of Eight. (Through no fault of their own- I had a long chat with the guild master.) I'm hanging out in Higher breath with a fair number of other friends and Ex- Frost Wolf refugees. I might even start running dungeons again.


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